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Specifying an expiration date on Internal Rewards

Before Kognitiv Loyalty 2018.5, users looking to configure an expiration date for an Internal Reward needed to set it by counting days. That is, they would have started a reward on January 1st and set it to expire in 31 days if they wanted it to last for the month of January.

With 2018.5, that option remains. However, Internal Rewards can now be configured to expire on a precise date as well as after a number of days have elapsed. This precision allows for more flexible configuration timelines for users.

The setup process is easy, and it stays true to how Internal Rewards were previously established.

With appropriate permissions in Kognitiv Loyalty, navigate to Offers / Internal Rewards.

  1. Click Add Internal Reward
  2. Select the Reward Category
  3. Enter the Reward Name
  4. Enter the Retail Value
  5. Enter Your Cost
  6. In the Expiration Settings section, select “Expires on”

    Here, either enter the desired expiration date in MM/DD/YYYY format or select the date using the calendar tool.
  7. Select the desired Print, Reward Email and Reward Text Templates
  8. Save Internal Reward

The Internal Reward has now been configured with a precise expiration date.

This new expiration setting was released as part of Kognitiv Loyalty version 2018.5. To learn more about that release, and all releases for Kognitiv Loyalty, visit the Release Notes.

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