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How to Configure a Sync for Multiple FTP Destinations

Before we begin, let's establish what a sync is in Kognitiv Loyalty. Per the Syncs article, "A sync is a synchronization process between Kognitiv Loyalty and external systems. By performing a sync (either scheduled or manually), users can 'push' data from Kognitiv Loyalty to one or multiple FTP destinations."

Prior to Kognitiv Loyalty version 2018.5, users would need to configure multiple syncs with their own individual FTP destinations in order to get platform data out to more than one location. With 2018.5, users can configure a single sync to send data to multiple FTP destinations.

Aside from being more convenient, this feature ensures that the data sent to each destination is exactly the same. With multiple syncs, the data could be different by the time the later syncs process. Now, the sync processes and then sends to multiple endpoints, meaning the data received at one destination is the same as the data received at all destinations.

How to configure a sync for multiple FTP destinations

In order to add a sync to your instance, you'll need to contact Kognitiv Loyalty support. Once support sets up a sync and you have adequate platform permissions, you'll be able to manage it. To configure the FTP destinations, follow the directions below.

  1. Navigate to Tools / Sync
  2. Click "Add or Edit" in the FTP Destinations column of the sync you're configuring

    If an FTP destination has already been configured, you'll find it in the View FTP Destinations page.
  3. Click "Add FTP Destination"

    Here, you'll find the configuration options for one FTP destination. 
  4. Enter the Sync Target Name.

    The Sync Target Name is how you'll identify the FTP destination in other menus.
  5. Enter the FTP Server Address
  6. Select the appropriate FTP Server Type
  7. Optionally, enter the FTP Server Directory
  8. Enter the FTP Server User
  9. Enter and Confirm the FTP Server Password
  10. Optionally, enter the amount of retries you want the sync to perform before failing

    The maximum allowed is 5.
  11. Click "Save FTP Destination"
  12. Repeat for any additional FTP destinations

    The maximum allowed is 6.
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