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How to Offer a Point Bonus on a Purchase

Consider a typical scenario for users working in retail. You want to host a promotion where club members who make a purchase during a specific time range get a point bonus. Let's say you want to offer a 50 point bonus for any loyalty program member who spends $10 or more during the month of November.

Here, we'll break down how to make that work in Kognitiv Loyalty and some of the optional tweaks you can put in place to tailor the promotion to your needs. 

How to configure a Transaction Bonus Promotion to Issue Fixed Points

  1. With appropriate permissions, navigate to Promotions > Transactional Promotions > Transaction Bonus Promotion

    Here, you'll find a dashboard displaying all existing Transaction Bonus Promotions.
  2. Click Add Transaction Bonus Promotion
  3. Enter the Transaction Bonus Promotion Name
  4. Below Bonus Type, select Issue Fixed Points
  5. In the Issue Fixed Points Field, enter the amount of points you want to bonus club members

    In our example, we enter 50.
  6. Enter the desired Threshold

    The Threshold indicates how much a customer will need to spend in order to qualify for the bonus. So, for our example, we'd enter $10.00.
  7. Select the Active Date Range

    In our example, we selected 11/01/2018 to 11/30/2018.
  8. Check which days you'd like to offer the bonus by using the Valid Only on Days fields
  9. Below Apply To Transactions of Type, select General Merchandise Purchase
  10. If you want the promotion to only work once per member, select Limit Once Per Promotion
  11. Below Eligible Members, select the Loyalty Club(s) you'd like the bonus to apply to
  12. Click Save Transaction Bonus Promotion

Now, the Transaction Bonus Promotion is set, and you don't have to do anything else.

You do have some additional options, though. If you wanted to, for example, offer the bonus to shoppers at a single location, you could filter by Location Groups and select the retail shop in question. You could even make the promotion work on a single day of the week for multiple weeks.

The Transaction Bonus Promotion engine is powerful, so be sure to take the time to look at all the unique configurations offered.

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