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How to Offer Points for Member Enrollment

One way to encourage customers to join your loyalty program is through a points reward promotion. That is, offer them a certain amount of free points for enrolling in your program during a specific time period.

This promotion is available in Kognitiv Loyalty through the Program Enrollment Point Promotions feature. For this example, we'll consider a made-up company we've referenced in the past, Tie Town.

Tie Town wants to offer their customers 50 bonus points if they enroll in the Tie Town Rewards program anytime between October 1, 2018, and November 30, 2018. This commonly used promotion is a snap to set up, but it requires a transaction type in order to work.

We need to set up a transaction type because the points members earn through enrolling need to be distributed through a transaction in the system. There's a benefit to doing this for Tie Town as a company, too. Bookkeeping. An enrollment promotion can potentially be a long running source of points. By examining the points issued through a single transaction type, Tie Town can figure out exactly how many points members have earned simply by enrolling.

With that in mind, let's first set up the transaction type for this enrollment promotion. Note: Down the line, if you want to run this same type of promotion, do not create a new transaction type. Use the one we'll create below.

  1. In Kognitiv Loyalty as a user with appropriate security roles configured, navigate to Admin > Transaction Types.
  2. Click Add Transaction Type
  3. Enter the Transaction Type Name

    In this example, we'll call it Enrollment Promotion.
  4. Enter the Transaction Type Public Name

    This feature exists in the instances where the public facing name for the transaction needs to be different than the internally facing name. We'll call ours Tie Town Enrollment.
  5. Among the Transaction Type options, select Promotional Transaction (issued via a promotion)
  6. Click Save Transaction Type

Now we're ready to move on to configuring the Program Enrollment Point Promotion itself.

  1. Navigate to Promotions > Enrollment Promotions > Program Enrollment Point Promotions
  2. Click Add Program Enrollment Point Promotion
  3. Enter the Program Enrollment Point Promotion name
  4. For the Transaction Type, select the Transaction Type we created by following the directions above.

    We're selecting Enrollment Promotion.
  5. In the Points to Issue field, enter the amount of points you'd like to distribute with this campaign.

    We're entering 50.
  6. In the Active Date Range fields select the start date and the end date.

    We're selecting October 1, 2018, and November 30, 2018.
  7. Click Save Program Enrollment Point Promotion.

That's it. Now, any member who enrolls in the Tie Town Rewards program between during October and November will instantly be awarded 50 points.

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