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Print Template

System Location: Tools / Print Templates

A print template is used to define default printing options for items such as couponsrewards, and temporary cards.  All print templates support customized logo display and header/prefix text.  However, reward print templates are much more complex as they allow for the inclusion of extra details, such as the recipient's name, origination details, a disclaimer, and many more variables.

When configuring coupon and reward templates with logo images for receipt printers, care and testing should be performed to ensure that the logo image is not clipped.  Logo sizes typically should not exceed 260x100 for 80mm, and 300x100 for larger paper sizes.  However, actual results may vary depending on the image and specific printer model.

Managing Print Templates

Print templates are managed on their respective print template pages (listed below).  Creating a print template begins by clicking the "Add" link at the top of the page.  

By clicking the "Edit" link for the associate template on the grid, an existing print template can be altered, and changes immediately take effect after saving.  A print template can be deleted from its "Edit" page, but only if it is not currently in use.

Card Print Templates

System Location: Tools / Print Templates / Card Print Templates

The card print template can be configured to attach in PDF form to a welcome Email and will display the configured template image (305x215 approx), assigned Id of the highest rank and a barcode (code 39) of the Id within a perforated card image.  Users can also access instances of the print template via the Id maintenance area of Clienteling ServicesId Types need to be appropriately configured to leverage this functionality.

Coupon Print Templates

System Location: Tools / Print Templates / Coupon Print Templates

The coupon print template governs the appearance of printed coupons.

Reward Print Templates

System Location: Tools / Print Templates / Reward Print Templates

The reward print template governs the appearance of printed rewards.

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