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Product Item Sync

The Product Item Sync is used to export product item information for all product items within the database. This is a cumulative file, not an incremental file.

Custom field data can be included or omitted, as this is a configurable option. Column order of custom fields is fixed, but defined by the sync process.  Custom fields added later are not necessarily appended to the end of the custom field column order.  New custom fields may appear at the beginning, between previously existing, or at the end of the custom fields.  Any system-level custom field changes necessitates re-verification of sync data by data consumers if column order is a dependency.

Upon each execution, all current member information is extracted and the completed file is then FTP’d to the predetermined location.

Note: This information is available as a PDF for portability. Product Item Sync.pdf

Product Item Sync

Name ProductSyncYYYYMMDDHHMMSS.txt
Format Pipe delimited
Frequency  Daily
Source Kognitiv Loyalty

All Product Items


Custom Fields listed after "Drop From Basket" field if enabled in sync settings


Field Name  Type  Notes 
Product Item Id Numeric(10)  Kognitiv Loyalty Internal Product Item Id
Product Item Name String(120)  
Product Item External Reference  String(20)  
ProductItem External Ref  String(20) User controlled list of product references
Zero Points Numeric(2)

If enabled, points will not be earned for this product item.  

0 = Disabled

-1 = Enabled  

Zero Retail  Numeric(2)

If enabled, retail value will not be stored for this product item.  

0 = Disabled

-1 = Enabled  

Drop From Basket Numeric(2)

If enabled, product item will not be stored in basket.

0 = Disabled

-1 = Enabled 

Custom Fields Variable If enabled, all custom fields will be listed in file as separate fields. See top-level notes for details on ordering.

Example Data


324443|ANTIQUE HEADBOARD|094480|0|0|-1  
341422|ANTIQUE LAMP|110958|0|0|0  343491|END TABLE|113129|0|-1|-1  
36305|WATERCOLOR PAINTING|110337|0|-1|0 

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