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Interaction Sync

The Interaction Sync is used to export batches of interactions.  

Upon each execution, all interactions since the last execution will be included with current information. Files can optionally be split into X records per file, which are then FTP’d to the predetermined location. Files can be compressed and/or PGP encrypted prior to being transferred.  

Note: This information is available as a PDF for portability. Interaction Sync.pdf

Interaction Sync

Name InteractionSync_YYYYMMDDHHMMSS.txt  
InteractionSync_YYYYMMDDHHMMSS_{File Number}.txt [Max records per file option]
Format Pipe delimited
Frequency  Daily
Source Kognitiv Loyalty
Contents Interactions added to Kognitiv Loyalty since the last sync file execution 


Field Name  Type  Notes
Interaction Id  Numeric(10)  Internal Interaction Id 
Member Id Numeric(10) Internal Member Id
Member Account Id  String(60) The most recent, highest ranking Member Account Id 
Location Id Numeric(10)   
Location External Reference  String(20)  
Interaction Type Id Numeric(10)  
Interaction Type Name String(120) Name associate with the interaction type
Interaction Timestamp  Date/Timestamp(23)  Timestamp (UTC) when the interaction was posted to Kognitiv Loyalty 
Interaction Type External Reference  String(20)  
Event Name String(120) Name of the event the interaction was assigned to
Issue Audit User String(120) Source user or process name

Example Data  

InteractionId|MemberId|MemberAccountId|LocationId|LocationExternalRef|InteractionTypeId|InteractionTypeName|InteractionTimestamp|Inte ractionTypeExternalRef|EventName|IssueAuditUser  

1077|1038|1000B|-1||17|Birthdate Added|2017-03-28 17:52:16.820|BIRTHDATE_ADDED||Anna  
1078|1038|1000B|-1||11|Address Added|2017-03-28 17:52:16.993|ADDR_ADD||Anna  
1079|1038|1000B|-1||9|Email Added|2017-03-28 17:52:16.993|EMAIL_ADD||Anna  
1080|1038|1000B|-1||10|Phone Added|2017-03-28 17:52:16.997|PHONE_ADDED||Anna 

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