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Member Product Purchases Sync

The Member Product Purchases Sync is intended for usage in programs where product-level transaction details are stored. The provided data is intended to supply an external system with members’ product-level purchase information with rank and quantity in order to make it easier for analyzing which products that members purchase the most.

This sync is a hybrid in terms of being cumulative and incremental. With each sync execution, all members associated to a transaction that has been posted since the last execution will be included in the file. For these members, their lifetime product-level transaction information will be included in the data. Upon each execution, all current member information is extracted and the completed file is then FTP’d to the predetermined location.

Note: This information is offered as a PDF for portabilityMember Product Purchases Sync.pdf

Member Product Purchases Sync

Name SB_MemberProductPurchaseRank_YYYYMMDD.txt
Format Pipe delimited
Frequency  Daily
Source Aimia
Contents All product purchase information for all members who have had a product-level transaction since the last sync was generated. 


Field Name  Type  Notes 
Account Id String(60)  Primary Account Id for the member 
Product Item Rank  Numeric(20)  Product Item Quantity Rank Grouped by Member and Product Item (with ties)  
Product Item External Reference  String(20) The "SKU" for the product item
Product Item Name String(120)  
Qty Purchased Numeric(20) Quantity purchased by member

Example Data

Account Id|Product Item Rank|Product Item External Reference|Product Item Name|Qty Purchased  

324443|1|0000000002|BASEBALL BAT 36/34|2  
324443|2|0000000003|CATCHERS MITT|1  
348839|1|0000010040|GAUZE 36IN|3  

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