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Member RFM Sync

The Member RFM Sync is used to export RFM information and basic member information for all members in the database.  

Upon each execution, all members will be included in the sync file with current RFM information. Files are then FTP’d to the predetermined location.  

Note: This information is also available in PDF form for portability. Member RFM Sync.pdf

Member RFM Sync

Name Standard_Member_RFM_Sync_XXXXX_MMDDYYYYHHMMSS_##.txt  
## = File Number 
Format Pipe delimited
No header record
Frequency  Daily
Source Aimia
Contents All members with RFM and basic core information.


Field Name  Type  Notes 
Internal Member Id  Numeric(10)   
First Name  String(60)   
Middle Name String(30)   
Last Name String(60)    
Suffix String(5)  
Member Account Id  Alphanumeric(60)  Primary Account Id 
Recency Number  Integer  
Frequency Number Integer  
Monetary Number Integer  
Member RFM Integer  

Example Data



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