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Member Ranking Sync

The Member Ranking Sync is used to export basic member information for members in a predetermined member ranking set. This is a cumulative file, not an incremental file. That means the sync will export all rank-specific member details in the database, not just those added or changed since the last execution.

Upon each execution, all current member information is extracted and the completed file is then FTP’d to the predetermined location.

Note: This information is offered as a PDF for portability. Member Ranking Sync.pdf

Member Ranking Sync

Name  RankingSet_xxxx_MMDDYYYYHHMMSS.txt (single file) 
RankingSet_xxxx_MMDDYYYYHHMMSS_####.txt (multiple files)  

xxxxx = Member Ranking Set External Reference
#### = File Number 
Format  Pipe delimited
Frequency  Daily 
Source  Kognitiv Loyalty 
Contents  All members in the specified member ranking set with their ranking level. 


Field Name  Type  Notes 
Ranking Set External Reference  String(20)    
Ranking Level External Reference  String(20)  
Kognitiv Loyalty Internal Member Id Integer  
Member Account Id String(60) The most recent active Account Id of the highest rank 
Member First Name String(60)  
Member Last Name String(60)  

Example Data


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