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Reward Delivery Methods

When a member earns a reward, that reward is not delivered until it is officially issued to the member. There are several ways to successfully deliver a reward. While this page does not represent all of the reward delivery methods available, it does highlight the most commonly used.


Rewards can be delivered within Kognitiv Loyalty Messaging menu (System Location: Messaging Content), either through Email or Text Templates.

Reward Certificate: Members can be issued a reward through the Reward Certificate Template Type. Reward delivery can be registered in one of two ways:

  • The reward is attached to the email as a Reward Certificate with a barcode.
  • The body of the Reward Certificate Template includes the Issue Reward Barcode String, "%MEMBER_REWARD_BARCODE%".

Reward Notification: Members can be issued a reward through the Reward Notification Template Type, too. To register a reward delivery, the body of the template must include the Issue Reward Barcode String, "%MEMBER_REWARD_BARCODE%".

Clientelling Services

Rewards can be delivered by Kognitiv Loyalty users through the Clientelling Services menu (System Location: Member-Services / Clientelling Services). If a member has any rewards pending delivery, they can be found on their Clientelling Services page in a yellow highlighted field marked "Pending Delivery." Once users visit the Pending Delivery page, they can deliver any pending rewards. Users have the option to display the reward certificate in their browser or send the member the certificate by email or text.

Member Interaction at Kiosk

Members can deliver rewards to themselves by using an Kognitiv Loyalty Kiosk if the Kiosk is available.

Member Portal (or Customer Web Portal)

Members can deliver rewards to themselves through the Member Portal if a Member Portal is available.

Web Service Calls

Kognitiv Loyalty can deliver rewards to a member through multiple Web Service Calls, including IssueChoiceRewardExtended.

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