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reward is a type of offer that can be issued to members at the kiosk, using an associated customer web portal module, via the point-of-sale portal, or via web services.  Rewards differ from coupons, in that rewards can debit points from an associated member's account, depending on the setup.

Offer Status

    Main Article: Offer Status

Once issued to a member, an offer can attain a variety of statuses depending on member and/or user actions.

Choice Reward

    Main Article: Choice Reward

A choice reward is most commonly utilized in a "points in / points out" system.  A member earns points via activity and uses those points in order to receive choice rewards.

Forced Reward

    Main Article: Forced Reward

A forced reward is configured to issue once to members who reach a configured lifetime earned points milestone.  Usually, forced rewards are not used in a system that primarily utilizes choice rewards.

Recurring Reward

    Main Article: Recurring Reward

A recurring reward is configured to issue once to members who reach a configured lifetime earned points milestone and can be configured to issue multiple times for subsequent points earned milestones

Variable Reward

    Main Article: Variable Reward

A variable reward requires a monetary amount for input and will convert this amount to points using a configured formula.  That final point amount will be debited from the member account.

Internal Reward

    Main Article: Internal Reward

An internal reward is used solely in conjunction with reward-based promotions.  The issuance method and point-related specifications are governed by the associated promotion.

Gift Card Reward

    Main Article: Gift Card Reward

A gift card reward is used solely in conjunction with batch promotions related to gift cards.  Gift cards rewards must have barcodes pre-imported, can be issued in denominations, store an associated PIN, and can also be configured to deduct or not deduct points from recipients.

Reward Details

Details for an instance of an individual reward can be viewed in multiple places within the application:

  • Member-Services / Clienteling Services / Search View (Search by Member Reward Id)
  • Member-Services / Clienteling Services / Detail View / "Rewards" link
  • Offers / Reward Lookup

Reward Expiration Settings

Rewards may be configured to expire within a set interval of time and available options vary by reward type. Regardless of the expiration method used, the reward will not officially expire until the next time the Expire Rewards job processes after the expiration date has passed.  Not all reward types have the full set of expiration options detailed below.

Available Reward Expiration Options

  • Never Expires - No expiration date enforcement.
  • Expires in X Days - Reward will be expired within the next Expire Rewards process, after the set number of days has been reached. Note, the day it was issued will be treated as Day 0.
    • Scenario: Reward configured to Expire in 2 Days.
    • Reward issued on May 3rd:
      • May 3rd = Day 0
      • May 4th = Day 1
      • May 5th = Day 2 (Specified number of days reached)
      • May 6th = Expire Rewards process runs, marks reward as expired.
  • Expires At The End Of The XXXX
    • Expires At The End Of The Week —  Reward expiration will occur on the Sunday after issuance.
    • Expires At The End Of The Month — Reward expiration will occur on 1st day of the next month after issuance.
    • Expires At The End Of The Year — Reward expiration will occur on January 1st of the year after issuance.
  • Expires on MM/DD/YYYY - Reward expiration will occur on the day following the expiration date.

Delivery Log

This grid will display all traceable delivery items of the reward barcode to an application user or the associated member.  Typical pathways for this are by messaging or viewing/printing directly from an SBLP interface.

Sync Log

This grid will display all actions that have taken place for the particular reward which were capable of generating a record in a reward sync file since 9/22/2014.

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