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System LocationAdmin / Categories

A category is used in Kognitiv Loyalty, almost entirely for organizational purposes in order to group "like" objects.  For example, coupons may consist of categories such as "Food & Beverage", and "General Merchandise".

There are various categories within the aforementioned system location.  The type of object they represent is apparent in the page name and their management is consistent throughout.

POS Category

System Location: Admin / Categories / POS Categories

The POS Category differs from the traditional category as it can have an effect on system functionality.  A POS Category can be configured within locations and this setting pertains to specific variables configured with some point-of-sale promotions, like the point-of-sale coupon promotion.  In this promotion, the location's POS category governs which coupon is issued to an eligible member.  Each POS category within this promotion can be setup to issue a different coupon.

Managing a Category

To create a category, use the "Add" link at the top of the relevant category page.  To manage an existing category, click "Edit" within the grid for the applicable category.  Deleting a category is also possible from within the management page.

Categories consist of a name and an external reference.

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