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Gift Card Reward

System Location: Offers / Gift Card Rewards

gift card reward is a type of reward and their issuance is exclusively governed by gift card-based batch promotions.  In order to use a gift card reward in a promotion, the reward must first be created, then be populated with gift card codes and denominations by a relevant file import.  These codes will be used incrementally upon issuance of the reward and will be utilized as the barcode itself.

Gift card codes can be uploaded into the system with a denomination of $0, which allows the applicable promotions to set the denomination amounts "on-the-fly".

Managing a Gift Card Reward

At the top of the aforementioned page, click the "Add Gift Card Reward" link to start the reward creation process.  To edit an already existing rewards, click the "Edit" link within the grid for the associated reward.

The initial text boxes require input for the reward name and description.  Both of these items are "public" and can be displayed on the slips issued to recipients.

Note: This is not a comprehensive list of all parameters on the reward management page.  Some parameters are explained in detail within the page itself.  If you have further questions, please contact Kognitiv Loyalty Support.

Reward Category

Categories are used to group "like" objects, mainly for organizational purposes.  Although not required, it is considered a good practice to create logical, yet not overly specific categories early in the program. 


To deactivate a reward, check this checkbox.  While archived, new instances of this reward cannot be issued to members.  However, this will not affect rewards that have already been issued.

External Reference

The external reference acts as an identifier for the particular item when being exported or referred to by an external source.

Barcode Settings

Every reward that is issued from the system has a barcode.  The "Unique Reward Id" option is the default and is based on the incremental reward Id number used by the database.  The "standard fixed barcode" option allows for the same barcode to be printed on every reward of this type, while the "one time code" takes the next identifier available from the database.

Email Reward

If enabled, all already issued rewards in a pending status will be Emailed to the members.  At this point, they will be considered as "active".

Message Settings

  • Send Certificate Message If Not Delivered at the End of the Day - If enabled, an undelivered reward will trigger a send of the appropriate certificate message (configured below) at the time configured in the Queue Schedule page.  This process will add a delivery record if the barcode is present in the message or attachment.  This process will not take place for members with no contact information for the appropriate method.
  • Send Notification Message If Not Delivered in Pseudo Real-Time - If enabled, an undelivered reward will trigger a near real-time send of the appropriate notification message (configured below). A delivery record will be added if the barcode is present in the message.

Print Templates

The print template governs the appearance of the physical printout of the reward.

Email & Text Templates

The messaging templates govern the type of template that is used when the coupon is distributed externally.

Allow Reprint of Active Reward

If enabled, in the event that a member has an unredeemed reward, they can reprint the reward.

Create HTML Placeholders

If checked, placeholders specific to this reward type will be valid in message-related promotions.

Reward Custom Fields & Descriptors

Custom fields and descriptors capture additional information about the item.  These items are optional, unless required by your business.

Archiving a Gift Card Reward

Enabling the "Check to Archive" checkbox will prevent the reward from being displayed.

Populating a Gift Card Reward with Denominations & Bar Codes

Utilizing an appropriate file import is necessary to create denominations and to populate them with unique bar codes.


Viewing Gift Card Reward Statistics

Basic statistics can be accessed via the "Stats" link within the main grid for the applicable reward.  Furthermore, the promotions that are using this gift card reward may have their own basic statistics. See Offer Status for details on terminology.

Also, information regarding the issuance of the gift card codes can be accessed by visiting the "Codes" link within the grid.

Gift Card Reward Snapshot

System Location: Analytics / Snapshots / Gift Card Rewards

This snapshot provides a quick-view for all Gift Card rewards within the system.

System-Wide Reward Statistics

System Location: Analytics / System-Wide Statistics / Reward Statistics

System-Wide statistics provide the ability to view summary statistics that can be filtered by various options, including active/archive status and by date range.

Reward Group

    Main Article: Segments

Individual instances of rewards that have been issued can be grouped for detailed exporting by using the reward group functionality.


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