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Id Type Auto Range

System Location: Admin / Item Types / Id Type Auto Range

An Id Type Auto Range instructs the system to automatically add a placeholder account into the system whenever an unknown numeric account Id is encountered via transaction-based file import or at the SBLP kiosk application.    The numeric Id must fall within the configured numeric range in order to be added to the database.

Note: Some custom transaction-based file imports do not support this functionality.

Managing an Id Type Auto Range

To create a new auto range, click the "Add Id Type Range" link at the top of the page.  Alternately, an existing range can be modified or deleted, by clicking the "Edit" link next to the range within the grid.

  • Program - The associated program within the database.  Most databases only have one applicable program to select.
  • Id Type - The account Id type that the account Ids should be associated with.
  • Starting Id in Range - The beginning number of the auto range.
  • Ending Id in Range - The ending number of the auto range.
  • Default First Name - The new member will be added to the database with this first name.
  • Default Last Name - The new member will be added to the database with this last name.
  • Place Into Club - The new member will be placed into the club specified here.
  • Enable Enrollment for All "Issue Transaction" Web Services - If enabled, auto range will be enabled for all "Issue" calls within the Transaction method in WS.
  • Note - An optional note can be entered here.

After saving, the auto range will be active.

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