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Member Ranking Set

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A member ranking set is a level-based collection of members that are qualified into the collection based on pre-determined rules that include club assignment, metric-based qualifier settings, and optional member descriptor assignment.  A ranking set's collection is only as recent as its last built timestamp, which is represented in the details module in the upper-left of the ranking set page when the ranking set is selected. 

Member ranking sets can be targeted in promotions and can be used for data exporting purposes.  A member can only be associated with one level of a ranking set at any given time.

Note: "Days Since Last Visit" ranking type requires that the member have an eligible transaction within the specified window.  Any transactions with future activity dates are excluded.

Managing a Ranking Set

A ranking set is first created by navigating to the aforementioned page, then clicking the "Add Member Ranking Set" link at the top of the page.  The "Show on Clienteling Screen" option is dependent on the appropriate Clienteling Settings being enabled.

In addition, the main and optional secondary rank criteria is selected, as is the ability to assign intermediate member descriptors.  If this "intermediate" option is enabled, the set is locked and assignment descriptors are used, members can be assigned multiple descriptors upon their assignment to a rank level -- any assignment descriptor(s) for that level and all lower level(s) in rank order.

Alternately, an existing ranking set can be managed by clicking the "Edit Ranking Set" link in the upper-right area of the page after selecting the ranking set within the associated dropdown.  Whenever an existing ranking set is saved on the "Edit" page, a rebuild will automatically be queued by the server.  If no changes are made within the "Edit" page, please use the Discard button to exit.

Within the initial page, the appropriate qualifier type(s) and transaction type descriptor(s) are selected, as well as the eligible clubs and the rebuild setting.

Rebuilding a Ranking Set

A ranking set can be rebuilt manually at any time by clicking the "Rebuild Ranking Set" link once the ranking set has been selected.  However, ranking sets allow for automatic rebuilds on a daily basis.

Level Management

Clicking "Add Ranking Level" starts the creation of a new level.  Existing levels can be managed by clicking "Edit" within the level grid at the bottom of the page.  It is recommended to start creation of the levels with the "lowest" level first (Ex: Bronze in a Bronze-Silver-Gold setup).

  • Rank Level External Reference - Allows the ranking level to be utilized from external sources using functionality such as web services.
  • Rank Level Order - Instructs the system as to which "direction" the ranking set should operate.  A member will be placed in the "highest" level possible, so the "lowest" level should start with an order of 0 or 1.
  • Member Descriptor Equals - Being assigned to one of the member descriptor(s) selected here will automatically qualify all members into this level (that met the predetermined club assignments), regardless of them meeting the other level qualification(s).  This is primarily used for the highest level only, but multiple level descriptors can be setup to act as overrides for multiple levels.
  • Qualifying Level Info - Based on the master qualification type(s), the level can be configured to match one rule, two rule, or none of the rules and depend entirely on descriptors.
  • (Optional) Assign Members to Member Descriptor - If enabled, all members who enter this level will be assigned to the selected member descriptor once the ranking set is locked for edits.  If using this feature, it is recommended you build the ranking set from the "top to bottom" in terms of significance, or wait until the ranking set has been completely configured before setting this option.

Locking a Ranking Set

Locking a ranking set prevents edits while in a locked state.  This will also have the effect of allowing members to be assigned to configured member descriptor(s) (if applicable) when the ranking set is rebuilt.  To access this functionality, click the "Edit Settings" link from within the ranking set management page.

Exporting Ranking Set Info

If a ranking set reads a status of "Valid", it is not currently being rebuilt, and can be exported by clicking the "Ranking Set Export" link.

Reprocessing a Ranking Set Assignment for a Single Member

In the event that a mid-day ranking set re-calculation is desired for a single member, the "Process Member Ranking Set Level" tool in Clienteling Services can be used.  Furthermore, there is an existing web service call, ProcessMemberRankingSetLevel that can be leveraged.  This function is quicker and less disruptive than rebuilding the entire ranking set, but is still not immediate as this requires a job to be inserted into the main processing queue and completed by the processing engine.

Viewing a Single Member's Ranking Set Assignments

    Main Article: Clienteling Services

To view a single member's group assignments, you can do so from the aforementioned page, by using the "Segmentation & Ranking" subpage, located within the "Player Tracking" submenu.


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