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snapshot is a relatively non-interactive, statistical interface that provides a quick view of relevant information.  Application snapshots contain information about the overall program and prolific members.  Unlike dashboards, snapshot data is not real-time as of the page load.  

Snapshots are only built once per day and the last rebuild time is present on the page.  However, real-time variations of snapshots may be available in data export form, via the "Page Exports" menu in the top-right of the application page.

Types of Snapshots


Displays member counts and point total information on a program level.

Note: The "active" term refers to all enrolled members who have one or more of a transaction type that is configured to consider a recipient as "active".

Point Liability

Displays point total information on a database level, as well as a program level.  Unless the database has multiple programs (unlikely), these two sets of totals should match exactly.

Age and Gender

This snapshot page features total member counts by gender and age ranges.


Each of the six reward-based offer types has a standalone snapshot page that lists some basic details, lifetime totals and issue totals over some fixed historical date periods.

Top Players

Displays the most prolific members in the system based on the selected program and analytics type in the dropdowns above the grid.

Top Locations

Displays the most prolific locations in the system based on the selected program and analytics type in the dropdowns above the grid.

20/80 Snapshot

Displays statistics segmented by the Top 20% of members and Bottom 80% of members by "retail spend" amounts.

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