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Data Export

data export refers to a common method of data transfer from Kognitiv Loyalty into an external file.

Data exports can be accessed from a variety of functions, including:

Executing an Export

After the export link has been clicked, an export parameters page will display.  This page is nearly identical for all exports.

Data Parameters

Parameters that affect the exported data may be available for selection at the top of the page.  These parameters are represented by dropdown boxes and date controls.

Selecting Data Fields

Each data field available in the export is represented by the name and corresponding checkbox.  If the checkbox is enabled, the data field will be included in the exported file.

Export File Options

  • Microsoft Excel Compatible - Exports the data as a CSV file.
  • Raw Data Format - Exports the data as a TXT file.
    • Include Column Headers - If checked, the first row in the file will contain the data field names.
    • Delimiters - The selected delimiter will act as the character separating values within the export data.

Delivery Method

Select the delivery method that best suits your preference as to how you would like to receive the file.  Each delivery method is described next to the corresponding options.

Schedule Export Daily

If checked, upon executing the export, an instance of this export will be ran daily.  Each instance will be available within the My App menu, My Exports page.

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