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Kognitiv Inspire

Kognitiv Inspire is a cloud-native global loyalty system designed to help you launch and manage a successful loyalty program. Its flexible out-of-the-box loyalty capabilities enable you to effortlessly scale your loyalty program and drive sustainable business growth.

Discover a world of seamless member experiences through Kognitiv Inspire. Unleash the power of advanced data analytics and gain deep insights into your customers to create tailored customer-level interactions. Engage your customers with diverse offers and rewards in real-time, at the moments that matter. Seamlessly integrate Inspire with your technology through a robust set of APIs to create omnichannel experiences that customers love.

Experience the transformative potential of Kognitiv Inspire as it elevates customer loyalty, propels revenue generation, and unlocks new possibilities for your brand.

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Setup and configuration (v5) documentation


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Kognitiv Inspire loyalty management (v6) documentation




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